Private Yacht Charter - Elaphiti Islands, Mljet & Lastovo boat tour from Dubrovnik

Discover the untouched beauty of the Adriatic with our Elaphiti Islands, Mljet & Lastovo boat tour. Explore crystal-clear waters, stunning beaches, and hidden coves.

Explore the Hidden Gems: Elaphites, Mljet & Lastovo on a Yacht charter Tour

Embark on a three-day journey through some of the most picturesque islands of the Adriatic sea with the Elaphites, Mljet & Lastovo Tour. Discover the stunning natural beauty of Mljet Island’s National Park, gaze at the bright stars on the remote island of Lastovo, and soak in the crystal clear waters of the Elaphiti Islands.

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Overnight Yacht Charter Tour Itinerary

Our overnight charter tour starts with a visit to the Elaphiti Islands. There you will have a tour of the islands, as well as plenty of free time to swim in the crystal clear Adriatic sea. We continue with lunch in an authentic, beautiful restaurant located in Šipan Port. From there on, we will head out to Mljet Island, where you will spend the night in Pomena. Pomena is a small village and a harbor, located in a bay on the west end of Mljet Island.

The second day consists of a visit to the Mljet National Park. There, you will experience the untouched, breathtaking beauty of the green forests and two saltwater lakes of the National Park. After the Mljet visit, we will take off to the island of Lastovo. That is where you will spend your second night.

Lastovo is one of the most remote islands of the Croatian archipelago. The island prides itself on its beautiful untouched nature and clear night sky that allows you to observe the brightest stars you’ll ever see. On our way back from Lastovo, we can make a stop on the Island of Lopud (one of the Elaphite Islands) for a swim and delicious lunch.

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